Finally a day off

No radio for me today.

 Here I sit in the home QTH, dying to get on the radio, with nothing to do. Despite my best efforts I have still accomplished a few things,  but nothing that was worth mentioning.

Despite my BEST efforts, I still managed to accomplish something !

Noise problems.

 Checked in with the City Utilities Dept today to find if they had made any progress on the noisy transformer out back. The call sounded promising. They mentioned that they have been extremely busy lately and had not had a chance to get out with test equipment though. The person I talked to had mentioned that they were in the area the other day and noticed the problem on their AM broadcast radio as they drove by. As they hit my street the noise wiped out the station they were tuned to. So I guess that is progress.

Really, TEST equipment ?

 Just out of curiosity, what sort of test equipment would they need other than a portable AM radio and a chainsaw ?