Friday, December 11, 2015

The ARRL 10M contest

The Amateur Radio Relay League 10M contest.

 Been waiting several months for the ARRL 10 Contest to happen, and I can't be more excited to have it finally arrive.I have the Cushcraft R5 Vertical up at 30 ft and all tuned up ready to go. The Kenwood TS-850 is all warmed up and patiently waiting for my sloppy fist to start pounding out CW.  Now if the conditions would just cooperate it could be a fun weekend.

Propagation conditions.

 Checking conditions earlier in the week I found that after about 2PM (2200 UTC) 10M conditions dropped out completely after a great morning of working midwest stations and S America. Usually about mid-day the propagation from Northwest Washington state shifts to the S. Pacific and then swings over to Asia by late afternoon/ Mid Evening. The Sporadic E is a wild-card but that is half the fun.

Radio radio radio

SO, as I wait patiently for conditions to improve, it crosses my mind what sort of radio equipment other amateur radio operators will be using for the 10M contest, and what modes ? I know that most of the exotic import radios are mostly SSB, while a few offer CW capabilities.

 The other thing that I wonder is what sort of antenna will be used during the contest. I do have a 3 element and a 5 element beam available, but did not get them up in the air in time for the contest. SO what will YOU be using on the air ?

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Whats been happening at radio station W7DTG

Not a lot has been happening here at radio station W7DTG the last few months. The biggest thing was the transformer out back is producing less noise than it was before. It went from ans S20+ Db to S7 Db on most bands. I can now hear some stations on 20M and was able to work a few Dxpeditions as well. On 10M my noise level is about an S5, so I can hear beacons on that band during the daytime also. I also recently put up the Cushcraft R5 vertical for 10/12/15/18/20M for daytime use. Since my noise levels have dropped some, I hope to start working more DX and SKCC members again. Just need to put up something for 40M and 80M now.

Got the opportunity to go up to Chuck Jones (N7BV) for the Cq-ww CW last weekend, and had a blast! After some time in the chair, I realize that I really need to work on my run skills. I did fine at S&P (search and Pounce) but when on a run I had difficulty when more that one station called me. During a JA run on 15M it was very overwhelming when 10 stations came back to me at once. I am going to be on the lookout for good training software so that I can improve.
All in all, Chuck and Karen were very gracious hosts, with lots of good food and hot coffee, as well as snacks during the entire weekend.

Other than radio, I have been working 40+ hours a week at my job. Not bad for a part time job. I show up early for work and stay til the work is done most days. After a while the manager usually has to chase me out to keep me from getting to many hours. I have also been promoted to full time, but it has yet to kick in to the system. I wont be working anymore than I do now, I will just be getting some benefits.

Other than that, just been active on 2 meters checking into the local nets during the week. I have yet to make it to a CCARC club meeting, since most nights I close the shop. Hope to make it someday.

Have a good Weekend, and 73 es gud DX tu de W7DTG

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Finally a day off

No radio for me today.

 Here I sit in the home QTH, dying to get on the radio, with nothing to do. Despite my best efforts I have still accomplished a few things,  but nothing that was worth mentioning.

Despite my BEST efforts, I still managed to accomplish something !

Noise problems.

 Checked in with the City Utilities Dept today to find if they had made any progress on the noisy transformer out back. The call sounded promising. They mentioned that they have been extremely busy lately and had not had a chance to get out with test equipment though. The person I talked to had mentioned that they were in the area the other day and noticed the problem on their AM broadcast radio as they drove by. As they hit my street the noise wiped out the station they were tuned to. So I guess that is progress.

Really, TEST equipment ?

 Just out of curiosity, what sort of test equipment would they need other than a portable AM radio and a chainsaw ?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Life in the big city

Life in the big city

 As many of you already know, I recently moved from the beautiful outskirts of town, into the big city of Port Angeles. Ok, it really isn't THAT big (pop. 19,000+) but after ten years of living in Joyce 20 miles West of town, that is humongous.
 Well, after a month or so of getting everything in order after a big move across the county, I finally decided to put up an antenna and get on the HF bands. I was getting to the point that I was hearing Morse code in my sleep and dreaming of exotic DX contacts from all over the world, so I figured it was probably time to get back on the HF bands.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Farewell Country life

 Well, after 9 years of living out here in the Western Washington Wild West, the time has come to move back into town. I have lived out here, 25 miles West of Port Angeles for a good period of my life. I have enjoyed having breathing room, and large trees to hang various wire antennas. I have enjoyed over 2 acres of wooded area, with wildlife roaming through on a regular basis.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Kaito Voyager Pro KA600 Review

The Kaito KA600 Voyager Pro review.

 Ran across this review of the Kaito Voyager Pro and just HAD to share it. With the price dropping it is an excellent choice for an all purpose hand crank emergency radio that will provide local, regional and international information. The one that I have sits in the window silently charging the internal batteries until the winter power outages surprise us once again. I also use mine when out working in the yard or sitting under the tree relaxing.

Kaito KA600 Voyager Pro Review

Friday, September 26, 2014

Busy busy week here at W7DTG

Where in the heck have you been ?

Wow what a busy week it has been here at radio station W7DTG. So what have I been up to exactly ?