Busy busy week here at W7DTG

Where in the heck have you been ?

Wow what a busy week it has been here at radio station W7DTG. So what have I been up to exactly ?

Rejoining the workforce, one day at a time.

 Well, for starters I have rejoined the workforce. I am currently doing oil changes part time and installing wireless/Broadband in rural areas for a local wireless provider. I find it fun and challenging to learn about networking and the different devices used to provide internet in remote rural areas using 900 MHZ equipment with PPPoE connections. I am also enjoying servicing vehicles and providing oil change services to customers. I enjoy interacting with people to find the best solution for their vehicle based on manufacturers recommendations.

Gained reliable transportation for the wife.

 Also was able to trade my BIG GMC Suburban K2500 truck for a reliable car for the wife so that she could safely get back and forth to work. Picked up a 2000 Ford Taurus in really nice condition. We put it in the ditch to avoid a deer on the way home with minimal damage to the vehicle. Now I can rest easy knowing that she will safe on the long drive back and forth to work each day.

The Noon Time Net.

 haven't been able to check into the Noon Time net on 7268.5 each morning this week since I have been working, so it was a rare treat to check in today before I stumbled off to work again for a few hours. I always enjoy checking in and listening to the net each day. It is background noise while I work here in the shack on various radio equipment or on a web site.

Wrap it up.

So that is about it. I have had some priorities here the last few weeks. Between our bouncing schedules and transporting the kids to various meetings to get them started on their own lives, I have not had much time to update the blog here. I hope to remedy this soon, as I review different radio related equipment and move content around on different web sites that I own.

 Have a good weekend, and see you on the airwaves.