New Cap tester Newcason XC6013L

Newcason XC6013L Cap tester 

Finally had to break down and order a cap tester from Amazon a few weeks ago. The current Multimeter that I have been using (R.S.R 926)  just didnt have the range that I needed for testing the caps in the older tube radios that I needed. It only goes up to 10uF. In order to test any ranges above that I would have to put another cap in series and do some math to figure out the value of the cap I was testing.

You really need a Cap tester.

 I know, I know, I need to get a cap tester that actually tests the capacitor for leakage by putting HV on it, but this at least puts me in the right direction for now.

Cheap doesn't always mean cheap.

 The Newcason XC6013L is a cheap cap meter that comes in at $16 dollars US. At that price I just couldn't pass it up.

 When I ordered it I knew what I was getting, a cheap cap tester that I could use on my bench. This meter more than exceeded my expectations. It arrived when it was supposed to on the day I was expecting it.

Who needs instructions.

 The instructions that come with the meter are bare bone, only explaining a few details about the meter. They are very poorly translated, and give very few details. Obviously you do not want to put any HV through this meter, since it comes with a 200mA/250V fuse. It also included the 9V battery to run the meter.

Big bright display.

 The display on the Newcason XC6013L is nice and big, and when you push the light button it is very bright. Perfect for quick tests on the bench. One thing that concerns me is that the CX+ and CX-  input jacks are not very clearly marked. No plus or negative on the meter at all. I assume that the middle input jack is for common ground (black probe).

Newcason XC6013L
As you can see in the photo from Amazon provided by Bravolink, the knob on the left (The ZERO knob) is shown as being orange. The  Cap meter that I received had a black ZERO knob that is hard to see. It is also very touchy, and the least little turn swings the ZERO on the meter widly. It will take some practice to get it right on the 00.0 on the meter.

Overall I got exactly what I expected for $16 US so that again is not a problem for me. I didn't expect to get a lab grade electronics tester at this price.

My only complaint so far about the Cap tester.

 When I received the Newcason XC6013L I noticed that it came in a small box that featured another Multimeter on both sides. When I first opened it I was thinking that maybe I had recieved the wrong item. As it turns out they had put the meter I had ordered in the box and then just put a label on the top that had the model number (XC6013L). Again, not a big deal, just a bit confusing.

 Ok, so it works, it arrived when it was supposed to and it is a quick and easy way to check a capacitor when I need to. I wouldn't use it in  HV (High Voltage) circuit when the power was on, but I do use it on a daily basis when troubleshooting radio equipment. Overall I still feel that the Newcason XC6013L was a great deal, and I am very pleased with it.

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YouTube video on how to test a Capacitor featuring the Newcason XC6013L