Why Do I Need an FRS base station or Hand Crank Emergency Radio

Why should I get a hand crank crank emergency radio.

As we enter another winter season here it is important that we are aware of any severe weather that may be coming our way. Not only can we be prepared and ready for it, but it also helps to keep all of us a bit safer and relieves the strain on the emergency services in our area. When the winter season drops on us like a brick the emergency services are feeling the strain, risking their lives in the process. With every drop of rain the need for emergency communications becomes more urgent. Don't wait until the last minute to be prepared.

This Midland FRS base station will increase the rage of your radios.
This Midland FRS base station will increase the rage of your radios.

The Midland FRS base station

In this day and age people seem to be surprised when the winter season approaches us, and are caught off guard by the big storm. It never ceases to amaze me just how many people rely on emergency services to save them, when a little planning beforehand would almost guarantee survival. The age of entitlements is upon us as more and more people seem to rely on our Government to save them during a crisis.

Being prepared is the responsibility of the individual.

To be prepared is the responsibility of each citizen. Not only for our own safety but that of our family and loved ones. Most people walk around in a daze, running through each day in a haze as life goes on around them. They worry about bills and work, never thinking about what may happen during the storm season. Hurricane Sandy was a perfect example of this, and the amount of people that were caught off guard. With just a little thought most people would have been fine. Keeping a few candles around and an emergency source of power would have relieved the strain on emergency services. Unfortunately most people were unprepared, not even considering that storm season was approaching.

What can I do.

Being prepared is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. No, you do not have to go overboard and start preparing for the end of the world. The survivalist groups do tend to go a bit overboard and let the end of the world preparations consume them, until they come across as a bit on the crazy side. But in that same vein, being prepared is always a good thing. Something as simple as an hand crank emergency radio would be all that was needed to be warned of incoming weather.

OK, you've sold me, where do i get one.

Before buying your first hand crank emergency radio, some thought needs to go into what your particular needs may be. Sure, you could just go to Amazon and purchase the most popular and inexpensive ones that are available, but if it doesn't fit your needs it might as well be a rock. Some of the things that you may want to consider are
What bands does it receive.
There are many choices that are available for hand crank emergency radios. Do you need AM/FM or just the Weather bands. Do you want to be able to listen to shortwave radio as well. I personally like to hear news and events from around the world as they happen.
Sources of power.
Will just a hand crank do, or would other options be better, such as rechargeable batteries and solar power. Some radios offer all of these options. Do you want to have the radio plugged in and charging until you need it.
Charging other devices.
Some of the hand crank emergency radios that are on the market now offer ways to charge other small electrical devices such as cell phones and accessories. You can either charge them with the hand crank, the built in battery or solar power, depending on your needs. Just be sure to have the right adapters on hand and you are good.

Build and construction
When looking at hand crank emergency radios one issue that comes to mind is the construction of the device. It will not be any use to you if it breaks the first day the power goes out. I always check the reviews on Amazon for the product I am looking at before I buy a hand crank emergency radio. If it has 100 reviews I look for at least 50% of them to be five stars.
ease of use
How easy is the radio to use and tune when you are looking for emergency information. Does it tune fairly easy or is it hard to find the station you want. How is the sensitivity for receiving. How hard is it to switch from charge IN to charge OUT when wanting to charge small electrical devices.

The final decision is yours.

With all the information that is out their about hand crank emergency radios, the final choice should be made with some thought and consideration to what your particular needs may be. Remember that if the emergency hand crank radio doesn't fit your needs then you might as well have a rock to listen to.

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