Farewell Country life

 Well, after 9 years of living out here in the Western Washington Wild West, the time has come to move back into town. I have lived out here, 25 miles West of Port Angeles for a good period of my life. I have enjoyed having breathing room, and large trees to hang various wire antennas. I have enjoyed over 2 acres of wooded area, with wildlife roaming through on a regular basis.

 As many of you know, I went back to work recently in Port Angeles, doing oil changes. Although it is very gratifying work, the cost of driving back and forth is absolutely breaking the bank. We barely break even every month. That, coupled up with the needs of my Developmentally Disabled children making it back and forth to appointments in town has made the burden even more unbearable. The only solution was to move back to town.

 The lifestyle out here in Joyce has always been very laid back and friendly. People meet at the Joyce General Store and chat. Everyone always has a smile and a handshake when they see you. The people here are honest, hardworking and humorous. Lots of character.

 At this point, I have disassembled Radio Station W7DTG, piling up numerous Tube Transmitters and receivers, as well as the Kenwoods and VHF equipment. The only radio still on is the little baofeng UV-5R handheld. All antenna systems are coming down today as well. These will include the 80M dipole, the Hygain TH3-jr Beam on 35ft mast, the ground mounted 6BTV and the R5.

 The only thing holding us up now is picking up the keys to the new place on the first of April so we can start moving all this stuff in.

 It has been a fun run the last 9 years, but I have to set my priorities to other things that have to come first. These include work, my children and Teri, the love of my life. I wont be able to put up much for antennas at the new place, other than an HF vertical and a VHF/UHF J-pole.

 To all those I have worked over the years, thanks for a great time. Hope to be back on the HF bands in a few months, but with a compromised signal.

 Hope to see you on the air soon es 73 de W7DTG