Contest weekend and the Hustler 6BTV vertical

Just a rainy spring day.

 Well, here it is a rainy spring day up here in the pacific Northwest portion of WA state and I will not be turning the radio on this weekend due to contest activity. The CQWPX SSB will be tying up the bands with lots of noise and QRM as all the big gin stations try to out do each other in contacts and points. Don't get me wrong, i have nothing against contests at all, and participate in them myself at times, but mostly Morse Code (CW).

I just can't understand SSB.

 The biggest problem with SSB contests is that I just can't copy voice on the HF bands. it has something to do with my hearing im surte, but unless a station is strong i jsut can't understand what is being said. When you get thousands of stations all calling at once it makes it even worse for me. That is why I decided it would be a good weekend to work on the Hustler 6BTV.

The hustler 6BTV.

 The Hustler 6BTV is a 75/40/30/20/15/10M trap vertical (6 Band Trap Vertical) antenna made to give a low takeoff angle for HF frequencies. By adding traps the antenna is only a 1/4 size of what a full size antenna woul be while still giving great performance. it is small at 24ft, which is small compared to the Diamond CP6AR Vertical. 
Diamond CP6AR hf vertical antenna

Murphy stops by for a visit.

 The main problem I am having right now is that 15M and 30M do not want to tune up anywhere near a decent SWR (Standing Wave Ratio). I was given the antenna so i can't complain too much. it also included the Ground plate for the radials and the tilt over base which makes it SOOO much easier when tuning or doing maintenance on the antenna. The rain storms don't help much either. I may end up having to take the 15M and 30M traps apart and double check that i didnt mix them up somehow. Since the antenna is used, the labels for each trap are well worn and unreadable.
 If anyone knows an easier way to test the traps other than taking them apart and counting the rings of witre be sure to let me know.