Diamond V2000a antenna

The Diamond tri band V2000 6M 2M 440 base antenna

Looking at improving communications here at radio station W7DTG, and one option that I have is picking up a Diamond V2000A tri-band vertical antenna. I had one of these before and it was a great antenna for working local 2M/440 communications. Even with a low power radio like a Baofeng UV-5R and the proper connectors the Diamond V2000A has a great signal for FM work on the VHF/UHF bands.

According to the Diamond page, it is a ½ w lopsided dipole on 6m, a 2X5/8 wave on 2M and a 4X5/8 wave on 440 MHZ. With 6.2 Dbi on 2M and 8.4 dBi on 440 it has potent signal for punching through anything in it's way.

The Diamond antenna that I owned before was mounted on a 6ft pole in front of the house, and I was able to easily work repeaters and simplex stations 20 miles away with good signal quality. Now that I live even farther away from town I need a way to get back into 2M activity. I am currently using a dual band j-pole on a 20ft pole that works ok with marginal signals into the repeater.

From the diamond page over at TheronAtPlay.

The Diamond V2000A: a no-compromise compromise antenna

Although it is a compromise antenna the Diamond V2000A will still deliver a potent signal on 6M in the 52MHZ to 54MHZ range and also covers the 2M and 70cm amateur radio bands. the threads for the radials are 10/32 inch, making it easy to replace or modify using standard threading. Some have experimented with changing stock radials for radials made for 6M with very little change on the 2M and 70cm bands.

From my own personal experience with this antenna I know that it performs well and has a tri band capabilities on 6M/2?70cm. Even mounted on a low pole it worked well for me.
One other option is to experiment with wire designs that are similar to the Diamond V2000a. Although it wouldn't be as pretty it should work OK.

Now where did I leave that antenna book.....

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