A Christmas blessing from our family to yours

 As the Holiday season approaches, many people are in the Christmas spirit throughout the world. Celebrating Christmas has many different meanings to various people, including our family.

 As a child, Christmas was the one time of the year that everyone was able to get along, without all the stress and tension that followed. Even though us kids were not aware of it at the time, it is also the only memories I have as a child that were good.

 Christmas morning was always torture to us kids, as we would wake up at 6AM and race out to the tree to see what sort of presents Santa had brought us. Usually there would be multi-colored wrapped presents of all sizes with our names on them. We were not able to dig in to the presents right away until Dad woke up and passed out the gifts. Of course, he would always sleep in on Christmas morning, ignoring our repeated pleas and knocking on his bedroom door to wake. Thinking back, I can almost hear him chuckling as we banged on the door.

 And of course, all of our friends would stop by the house after opening their presents to show us what Santa had brought them, and to see what new toys we had. Having to explain that we couldn't open presents , and not quite understanding why we hadn't opened them yet.
 When Dad finally DID wake up (Usually around noon) he would grab a cup of coffee and torture us kids for as long as he could.

 Christmas this year has been a learning experience for us. With losing work and very little money coming in, it has been a mixed bag of emotions for us. We are grateful to still have a roof over our heads and most of the bills paid. We have electricity so we aren't sitting in the dark. We all have our health, if only through the grace of God, and a fridge full of food to easily last the rest of the month. So we have a LOT of things to be thankful for this year.We could sit and be miserable, feeling sorry for ourselves but we choose not to do that. Instead we give thanks to God for all the good blessings that we have in our lives. We have been fortunate and have all the necessities in life, and pray for those that don't.

 So I wish to extend a Christmas blessing to everyone that reads this Blog, and thank you for visiting. May god bless you in the following year, and watch over you as you celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas and Happy new year from our family to yours.