Have we already forgotten, lest we forget

 Lest we forget

 This Veterans day I wish to send a small thank you to all the veterans in this great land of ours. From the brave young men that stormed the beaches on D-day back in world war II, to the brave old men that stormed the war memorials with their walkers and canes during the Government shutdown when they were told that they would be closed. As we go throughout our day we need to remember these brave soldiers, some of who died for OUR freedoms.

 When they were told that they would not be able to visit THEIR world war II memorial because of the government shutdown they stormed the gates, as they had already bought and paid for that memorial.

 We need to remember these brave men and pay our respects for the price they paid. Nothing made me prouder and brought our veterans to the forefront of the news more than this act of bravery, standing up against the very government that tried to shut them down. If I could have been in Washington D.C. that day I would have proudly stood by them, doing what it took to get them into their WWII memorial.

 At the end of Veterans day, when we all go back to our lives and loved ones, we soon forget the brave men and women that fought and died for our freedoms. As important as these Veterans are, we should make every day Veterans day, 365 days a year.

 And to all the veterans that are still out their, fighting everyday for our freedoms, I salute you !