Breaking in the kaito KA-600

Breaking in the Kaito Voyager Pro KA600

 Woke up this morning and came into the office, and as I was fumbling around for the light switch I managed to knock the Kaito KA600 hand crank emergency radio off the shelf. Luckily this rugged radio survived the fall. Too bad the antenna didn't.
The Kaito Voyager Pro KA-600 rocks

The Kaito weak point.

 I have had this radio for some time now, and one of the biggest complaints I have had about the radio is the small weak antenna that comes with it, and that their is no external antenna connector built into the radio.
  I have tossed the idea around of adding a small RCA jack on the right side of the radio so that I could use one of my big wire antenna's with it, but haven't yet. I have researched it a bit and experimented around to see if it would work though. I just used a couple of alligator jumpers and connected one side to the telescoping antenna and the other side to the negative post in the battery compartment. Although this was a bit awkward it worked like a champ.
 Wonder if I can blame it on ObamaCare ?

So NOW what ?

 Well, at this time it looks like I am going to have to order a replacement antenna for the Kaito KA600. Sure, I could technically contact Amazon and get another under the warranty, but since this was a matter of me just being a KLUTZ in the morning (especially before I have my coffee) it just wouldn't seem honest to me. Plus a replacement antenna can't be more than 10 bucks or so.

What is a Kaito KA-600 anyway.

 Really, you have to ask at this point, after I have been babbling and bragging about it for months on several different Blogs and websites. The kaito Voyager Pro KA600 is just a decent emergency hand crank radio under $75 dollars that includes AM/FM and shortwave. I wont go into it now, but if you want more information on the Kaito KA600 voyager Pro you can look at CB and Ham radio communications for more information.

Oh sure, break ANOTHER radio....

 Well, after many months of use I can honestly say that the kaito KA-600 now matches every other piece of radio gear I have in my ham shack. Everything I own is always someone else's junk that doesn't work for one reason or another, or has some little thing wrong with it. The only piece of radio equipment left to break now is the Baofeng UV-5R and I will have a complete matching set.