Playing with the Kaito ka 600 AM FM shortwave receiver

The Kaito Voyager pro KA-600


The Kaito voyager pro radio that I purchased a few months back has been a great source of enjoyment for me as I work around the shop. Sure, I enjoy the sound of an old tube shortwave receiver over anything modern but sometimes it is nice to just be able to punch in a frequency and go without having to search for it.

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But this article isn't about that.

 This is just some of the fun things that can be done with the voyager pro hand crank emergency radio that I have here in the shack.

Listening to Morse Code.

One thing I like to listen to is Morse code as I work, but the Kaito only does AM. One way I have found around this is to use my signal generator to listen to CW. You put the kaito somewhere in the Morse code portion of one of the ham bands, and then slowly bring up an un-modulated signal with the signal generator close to the frequency the kaito is dialed to, and you will start to hear nice clear tones of beautiful Morse code coming across your speaker. How cool is that ?

The antenna sucks!

Another nice thing to do is to connect an external antenna to the radio, but the Kaito KA600 doesn't provide and external antenna jack. It is possible to connect a jumper from the telescoping antenna to your coax connector, but you are only using one half of your antenna.
 One way that I have found around this is to take the back battery cover off the radio and connector another jumper from the negative battery terminal to the outer shield of your coax. Now you are using both sides of your dipole or vertical antenna, and the receive is incredible. I eventually want to make an RCA jack somewhere on the side of the radio so that I can connect an external antenna when I want to listen to the radio here in the shack.