Hallicrafters S38E MarkII

 Finally an update on this fine shortwave receiver. Been scouring the internet for schematics that are somewhat readable and may have finally found some. They still aren't the best but most of the values for the components inside are readable. Now to find where those little buggers go....

 Replaced the big wax capacitor that was inside and decided to bring it up on the variac and the Hallicrafters seemed to come alive. I was listening to stations from all over the world on it. Next chore after replacing all the high voltage capacitors is to do an alignment and restring the bandwidth dial. Would like to also do the safety mod on this radio and put a three prong plug on it so that it can only be plugged in one way, to keep high voltages off the case. These radios are transformerless AC/DC radios with the "all American Five" tube lineup.

Hallicrafters S-38E schematics