SKCC weekend sprint

 Well, here it is the second weekend of the month, which means it is time once again for the Straight Key Century Clubs weekend sprint. This weekend starting at Saturday from 1200 UTC (5 AM PST) and goes until 5PM 2359 UTC on Sunday.

 The group over at the SKCC club are mixing it up once again, with different rulesets each month. This monthy (May 2013) the scoring is based on a combination of your S&P contacts and CQ contacts. You just take the higher number and divide it by the smaller number. So if you had 20 contacts altogether, 12 CQ and 8 S&P then you would divide the 8 by 12, giving you 0.666667, round that up to 1 and then multiply that with your TOTAL contacts, giving you 20 extra points. How cool is that

Be sure to warm up those straight keys, bugs and sideswipers and participate in the SKCC WES for some good fun.