Baofeng dual band ht

Baofeng dual band ham radios

I am just about ready to order another Baofeng dual band HT now that Amateur radio supplies is carrying them again. I am hoping to get the 2M/220 version so i can experiment around with that model a bit. I will probably have to get a decent outdoor antenna to use 220 since their aren't any local repeaters around on those frequencies. The closest is in Victoria B.C. about 20 miles across the strait of Jaun de Fuca on Vancouver Island.

 The nice thing about these Baofeng dual band handheld radios is that I can buy four of them and still be under the price tag for a new Yaesu or Kenwood dual band radio. At around $50.00 a piece you can get 4 of them and still be under $200 bucks.

Great prices on the Baofeng UV-5R at Amazon