Staying out of trouble while Baofeng

Stay out of trouble with your new radio

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 As the Baofeng UV-5R series of radios become more and more popular it is becoming clear that some individuals may find themselves into trouble while using these great little radios. The problem is that the baofeng UV-5R radios are wide open transmit and receive over the VHF/UHF spectrum. It will transmit anywhere between 130 to 180 MHZ and 350 to 480 MHZ. This is a lot of band coverage for such a small inexpensive radio and can get you into trouble quickly if you happen to mistakenly transmit on the wrong frequency. The F.C.C tends to frown upon this.Their are a bunch of radio services that are in that range including Police and Fire/EMT services

 One suggestion that came from Tom K8ERV is to program a 2M or 440 simplex frequency into the transmit when using the radio to listen to public service frequencies. This way if you DO happen to accidently puush the PTT on the radio you will not get yourself into trouble.

For a list of VHF frequencies (it's a LONG LIST) take a look HERE For UHF services (another long list) take a look HERE

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