Police scanners

 As an avid radio enthusiast I am always monitoring my police scanner to see what is happening in my local county with the local and state police and fire/ EMS. Since I live out in the country about 20 miles from the closest town I have to use an outdoor antenna up on a 25 ft pole to hear what is going on at the time.
 I have been following the Boston marathon bombings now for the last few days and one thing that I find troubling is all the reports coming across on Twitter and other social media sites about unfolding events. The last time I checked it was illegal to retransmit or repeat any information that was heard on a scanner. I would assume that this would include social networks.
 I would assume that police scanners sales are going to go through the roof now that more and more people are retransmitting police information across social networks as well as online feeds as major events happen across the country, just be sure to check local laws before you repeat any information that you hear or you may find yourself in trouble with your local police departmentor other government agency.

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