My Kaito KA-321 review

The Kaito KA321 Pocket sized shortwave receiver

Cant believe how small it is

Kaito KA321 only $19.99 at Amazon

I am pretty stoked that my Kaito KA321 shortwave receiver with DSP finally came today VIA UPS. I just can not get over how tiny this radio is. The box that it came in would fit at least two of them...three if you really stuffed them in their.

Ran across this article over at CB & HAM radio communications. You can view it HERE

 The Kaito KA321 shortwave receiver is an inexpensive analog shortwave receiver that fits in your pocket. On of the nice features is that it has Digital Signal Processing which helps with the sensitivity. When you first pull it out of the box the only padding was some plastic mold that the radio fit in and some air packaging. It rattled around in there pretty good.

 The frequency ranges on the Kaito KA-321 are:

FM1 87 - 108
FM2 64 - 87
AM Broadcast band
SW1 5.7 - 6.4
SW2 6.86 - 7.50
SW3 9.30 - 10
SW4 11.6 - 12.20
SW5 13.55 - 14.15
SW6 15.10 - 15.90
SW7 17.20 - 18.00
SW8 21.30 - 21.95

After opening the box I pulled the radio and packaging out, wondering where the instructions were. Turns out they place them UNDER the plastic fit molding under the radio. Thats fine and not a big deal.

 I slapped 2 AA batteries in and started tuning around but didn't hear much. I do live about 20M out of town and I am inside a double wide trailer so I didn't really expect a lot. The FM receive is great so far. It sounds OK although nothing really special. The speaker is producing sound and is about what you would expect from a $20.00 radio. I didn't expect it to sound fantastic so that is reasonable.

 One thing I don't like is the stiff tuning on the radio. Not sure if it is just because it is brand new or not but it makes it hard to tune in stations correctly as you pass back and forth across the signal you are trying to tune in.

 I finally found a station that I can hear on the telescoping antenna, which surprised me a bit. I am listening to WWV on 15MHZ. It is on band #6 at the very bottom of the dial, right about where it should be.

 Next step is to get together with my friend and build a Tesla coil so we can post a video of us zapping the heck out of this thing....stay tuned

Kaito KA321 Pocket-size 10-Band AM/FM Shortwave Radio with DSP (Digital Signal Processing), Black