The Kaito KA321 Shortwave radio

Kaito KA321 Pocket-size 10-Band AM/FM Shortwave Radio with DSP only $19.99

 Ok this is the best deal that I can find on a pocket sized entry level shortwave radio. The Kaito KA321 is an AM/FM and shortwave radio that has decent reception and includes Digital Siganl Processing (DSP). And considering it is under $20.00 it is a great entry level radio for anyone that may be interested in shortwave listening. Whether you are just looking for a decent emergency radio or just want to try listening to the shortwave bands, the Kaito KA321 is a great first radio.

Product Features 

AM/FM Shortwave receiver with Silicon Lab DSP Technology (Digital Signal Processing) Wide range FM coverage from 64-108 MHz Stereo earphone jack for private listening Palm size radio, ideal for travelling, backpacking & etc. 1-year manufacturer's warranty

Product Description


DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Circuitry.
World band broadcasting signal reception (FM, AM, and SW band).
Dedicated tuning knob for easy and fast frequency tuning.
LED tuning indication.
Built-in the standard 3.5mm stereo earphone jack for private listening.
Built-in the telescopic whip antenna to improve the signal reception on the FM band and SW band.


FM band frequency coverage: 64.0 MHz - 108.0 MHz
MW band frequency coverage: 522 KHz - 1710 KHz.
SW meter bands:
SW1: 5.70MHz - 6.40MHz
SW2: 6.85MHz - 7.50MHz
SW3: 9.30MHz - 10.00MHz
SW4: 11.60MHz - 12.20MHz
SW5: 13.55MHz - 14.15MHz
SW6: 15.10MHz - 15.90MHz
SW7: 17.20MHz - 18.00MHz
SW8: 21.30MHz - 21.95MHz
Noise Limited Sensitivity:
FM band < 10uV
MW band < 1mV/m
SW band < 30uV
Single Signal Selectivity: > 10dB
Built-in speaker: 50mm diameter and 8 Ohm impedance
Power: AA X 2
Dimensions :4 ¾ x 3 x ¾ inches

Package includes: 

Degen DE321 Radio
Lanyard: 1
Manual: 1

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
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5.0 out of 5 stars Shortwave DX-ing on a Budget September 28, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase
While the Kaito KA-321 may lack a few refinements (no bandspread or SSB), it more than makes up for it in strong performance and a very modest price tag. The radio is physically small (it will literally fit in a shirt pocket) and requires only two AA batteries for operation, includes a telescoping antenna (which DOES rotate 360 degrees, despite the Amazon description to the contrary) and sports DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to enhance reception. Personally, I was amazed by just how well this little radio receives broadcasts from all over the world.

I should note that shortwave radio is a delicate medium. Little things like time of day, the sunspot cycle, weather and atmospheric issues can play the devil with reception. But once the sun goes down, the shortwave bands come alive with music, news, propaganda and even some pirate radio stations. The Kaito KA-321 can tune in on all of these broadcasters with little trouble. I would have liked a slightly smoother tuning mechanism, but cannot really complain about a radio that can do everything else so well and costs under $20.

If you're new to shortwave listening, getting back into it after a long absence or just looking for a pocket-sized unit for travel, you could do much, much worse. My first couple of sessions of use easily yielded broadcasts from North America (WWV on 10 MHz and a few private missionary broadcasts), Europe (Russia and Romania) and South America (multiple countries). My little Kaito delivered each new find without a struggle -- and with amazing clarity from its built-in speaker. However, I did notice that it's easier to discriminate between adjacent signals if you're wearing earphones; so although the speaker sounds great, you'll probably have a better shortwave listening experience if you pick up a pair.

Before concluding, I should mention that AM and FM reception are also good on the little Kaito. FM reception is strong and stable, thanks to DSP, and the local AM stations come in as expected. In fact, the only thing that falls short of high quality and fine performance about the Kaito KA-321 is in its user manual, which barely qualifies as being written in English (pretty much the same story with any product import these days). But I didn't buy the Kaito for its manual; I bought it for shortwave reception -- and the Kaito really delivers!

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