Hallicrafters S-40A

The Hallicrafters S-40A

Hallicrafters S-40A shortwave receiver
 Been playing around with the Hallicrafters S40a a lot the last few days after rebuilding it several months ago. It is almost ready for prime time shortwave listening, not so much for ham radio use. The sensitivty of this radio is ok at best, and although I do have more modern gear here I still find mysef surfing the airwaves listening for distant stations. One thing I have noticed already is that the logging scale is way off. It doesnt seem to track like it should. I was listening and logging stations as I found them, and double checking the frequencies against the Kenwood TS-850, and was able to pick up shortwave stations from all over he world. Today i go to the same settings on the logging scale and find that it is different than it was yesterday.

 Another problem that I need to work on with the Hallicrafters S-40A is the popping and crackling when it is first turned on. Even with the AF gain and sensitivity turned all the way dwon I get a loud popping and crackling sound coming through the speaker for 30 to 60 seconds or so when first powered up. Someone from the Hallicrafters reflector mentioned that I may have a electrolytic capacitor in the wrong place or even put in backwards, which would sometimes cause the crackling. Will have to take a look at that as well.

 The hallicrafters S-40A is a great soundng receiver considering that this model was manufactured in the late 40's. It still sounds better than any other radio I have here for listening to shortwave, with the warm sof tube sound that only a tube radio can deliver. Not so great fo morse code work but excellent for shortwave listening.