CB and Ham radio communications

CB and ham radio communications

 As I work throughout my day, it is always fun to chat with my friends on my ham radio and CB. I talk with local truckdrivers looking for road conditions on the hwy and traffic conditions. Since I also listen to the police scanner I am always up on current conditions that I can pass on if needed.

 Yes, I said that nasty two letter word that many hams still despise....CB.

 That being said, one of my favorite sites to visit on the internet is cb & ham radio communications. This site promotes the use of CB as a radio communication device while discouraging the use of illegal 10M export radios on the citizens band. It also has some very basic instructions on how to pick the right radio for your communications needs and how to use them. The web site owner is also a ham radio operator and is interested in almost all aspects of radio, from portable clock radios to CB, ham and FRS. The site promotes the proper use of the Baofeng UV-5R series of radios and discourage illegal use of this equipment. He also stumbles across some of the best deals on the internet and shows them on his site. Be sure to give the site a look and be sure to share it.
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