Solar power for home use

Solar powered portable generators.

As I think into the future, and what it may hold for us, I am always thinking of new ways to stay informed of what is happening, and how I might power my radio equipment to stay up to date with emergency situations whether it be a natural disaster or the collapse of our economy and Government.

 One web site that really has me thinking is Solar Power for Home Use. We have several extended power outages up here in the Pacific northwest every year during the winter season, with high winds that can reach over 100 MPH at times wreaking havoc on power lines. During one of these storms we were without power for 14 days while trying to take care of a family of 6. We relied on wood heat to stay warm and camp stoves to cook our food.

 One other item that was well used was our Eton FR300 hand crank emergency radio giving us information on Weather conditions and local information as to what was happening. At this time a portable solar power generator would have been a great item to have. We could have kept cell phones charged up, laptops and router running and powered our emergency ham radio equipment during this time period. Luckily we had mobile 2M/400 gear in the vehicles.

 For more information be sure to visit Solar Power Home use or Solar power For home use.
 One nice thing about portable solar powered generators is that you do not have to deal with noise. Most gasoline powered generators create so much noise they can be heard from two blocks away. Another nice thing is not having to deal with the smelly fuel or fighting your way to the front of the gas pump. During Hurricane Sandy this was a familiar scene in NY as fuel ran out.
 So be prepared with a Portable solar power generator before its too late.

 More info at WannaBeeHams