portable clock radios

 Portable clock radios

 Just clicking around Amazon looking at some of the different portable clock radios that are out their, and find it a bit overwhelming at the selection that is available. SO many choices, so little funds.


Ambient weather makes a FULL line of Weather and Emergency radios
Ambient Weather WR-090

When looking for a portable clock radio the first thing that comes to mind is making a list of all the features that you want and need, so that you dont get distracted by all the shiney buttons that are listed with portable clock radios. You have to keep the list handy so that you dont end up settling for something that doesnt suit all your needs. If you wanted something that couild be used for camping, then you obviously would want something that was wtaerproof, that had a soft tone that didnt echo through the canyons. You might need Weather alerts so that you could get weather forecasts and AM/FM radio. Does it take rechargeable batteries, or have a hand crank or solar panel to charge up batteries. It would also have to be fairly small so that it would fit in your backpack without taking up a lot of space or add to much weight like the Ambient Weather WR-090.
When looking for a portable clock radio my needs may be a little different. We have power outages up here in the Pacific Northwest year round. During the winter these can last up to two weeks at a time.  Some of the features that I like with portable clock radios include weather alerts, AM/FM broadcast bands and shortwave. It must also have a way to be self powered in an extended blackout, whether it be solar powered or hand crank with rechargeable batteries.


Ihome Ip49Bzc Portable Rechargeable Stereo Speaker System With Fm Radio & Alarm Clock When picking a portable clock radio another thing to look at is the brand. If you can afford to I would suggest always go with names that have been involved in radio and know what they are doing. These portable clock radios may cost a bit more, but you are looking at quality here. Some of the best include Sony, Uniden, Sangean, Midland, Ambient weather and CC Crane. These manufactures make high quality radios that are made for emergency situations and are rugged as well as portable.


 One last thing I would suggest if you are shopping online is to know where you are purchasing from. Places like Amazon have money back guarantees and free shipping, so your product usually arrives in 3-4 days. No worrying about losing your money or having your credit card information stolen and sold to the highest bidder.