ldg at-1000 pro 2 1kw auto antenna tuner

 The LDG AT1000 ProII auto antenna tuner at Amazon


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LDG highest power tuner. The AT-1000 ProII

 As you can see this is an AUTO tuner that regulates your SWR. Anytime the SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) gets above a certain point it automatically readjusts to keep the SWR as low as possible. 
The LDG AT-1000PROII will handle up to 1KW (1000 watts).

This is the ultimate flagship 1KW automatic antenna tuner.  This tuner has an Auto mode that automatically starts a tuning cycle any time the SWR exceeds a limit you set. The AT-10000ProII has a large easy to read bar graph with multiple selectable ranges.  The tuner will interface with many popular transceiver types to enable control directly from the front of your radio.

Tune up in just seconds. Over 4000  tuner memories.

  • Fast tuning .2 seconds for memory tuning, 10 seconds average - 30 seconds max
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Two position antenna switch. Separate memories for each antenna (2000 apiece) - all enables instantaneous band changes
  • Switched "L" tuning network
  • Dual meter scale
  • Soft touch buttons
  • 4000 fast memories
  • 1.8 to 54 MHz coverage, built in frequency sensor
  • Selectable user parameters: Auto/Semi/Power Scale and more
  • Capacitor/inductor fine tune controls
  • Tunes 6 to 1000 Ohm Loads, tune even more with optional 4:1 balun
  • Power Rating:  1000w SSB, 750w CW, 500w Digital, 250w on 6m
  • Size: 10w" x 11d" x 2h"
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Includes 6 ft power cable
  • Optional 4.5" Analog backlit meter

Perfect for coax fed antennas like verticals, G5RVs, beams, dipoles and all manner of coax fed antennas.

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