Baofeng UV-5R radio dual band antenna

 Baofeng UV5R series of radios antenna

 Now their is an antenna that will work with the baofeng UV-5R series of radios without an adapter.

 The Baofeng UV-5R line of radios are a great bargain for anyone needing dual band handheld capabilities. At a price tag under $30 dollars now, it is the perfect radio to take with you when working with the local ARES group, for your Grab N Go bag, or just want a small pocket sized radio to carry.

 Although the Baofeng UV-5R is not geared directly for Amateur Radio use, it is still an acceptable radio. The stock antenna though leaves much to be desired. And with the reverse SMA adapter, you do not have a lot of choices for a replacement antenna unless you want to add a bulky adapter.

 The Expert power Dual band HT antenna has the female connector to use on the Baofeng UV5R series of radios, so no adapter is needed.

Product Description

Product Features:
Frequency Range: 144-146, 430-440 MHz
VSWR: less than 1.5
Gain: 2.15dBi (144-146 MHz), 3.5dBi (430-440 MHz)
Maximum Power Input-watts: 50 W
Height: 14.4 inches
Connector: SMA-Female