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 I know this isn't exactly "HAM radio" related, but it is still electronics and technology related so I thought I would share it.

Been looking at different ways to cut costs here at the ham shack, and one thing I recently stumbled across was getting rid of my Cable and Satellite TV by purchasing a simple Blu-Ray player for under 100 bucks and using a free online TV service like Hulu to stream my favorite shows from the internet to my Television set.
 Out of all the devices that i can find the Sony BDP-S590 seems to be fairly user-friendly with all the features I am looking for and still under 100 bucks. The only complaints I can see on the Amazon reviews page is that the DVD/Blu-Ray tray is a little slow to open and close which is fine since I dont own any Blu-Ray or DVD's right at the moment anyway. I mainly want it so I can get rid of my 59.99 a month Satellite bill. That's almost 60 bucks a month.

 Read an article here about a guy that purchased the Sony BDP-S590 as a christmas present that has good things to say about it as well. You can read the article HERE and HERE.

 Another article I found about watching TV from an internet stream can be found HERE.

 Just wanted to share this idea, and get rid of these HIGH prices that I am paying for my TV every month. It seem's like every month it goes up, so no telling where it will end.

 You can see reviews on the Sony BDP-S90 Blu-Ray player over at Amazon.