The Galaxy DX11B in the ARRL 10M contest

 Wow, finally figured out how to get this Galaxy DX11B up in to the voice portion of 10M for the ARRL 10M contest this weekend and i have to say, this radio is lousy. Not only does it have absolutely NO filtering at all, but the coarse and fine tuning for the clarifier make it extra confusing to get on the same frequency as the person you are trying to work. Add to that the harsh side-tone for CW work and climbing frequencies in multiples of 5 with the channel selector make it really difficult to hunt and pounce as you work your way across the band.

 The Galaxy DX11B is an export 10M radio that was popular among the CB crowd because of its ability to be easily modified for use on 11M. With its 35W of available power on SSB and the ability to go in-between channels with an open clarifier as well as beng able to go from 25.615 to 28.315. It has a "BAND" selector on the face that allows you to choose between 6 groups of 40 channels.

 I had originally hoped to make it cover only the 10M band from 28.000 to 29.700 MHZ in six bands. I am still studying the schematics to figure out how it selects the frequencies.

 Over all I would suggest that anyone considering purchasing one of these radios to stay away from Galaxy completely. With a channelized radio you have to do a lot of tuning with the clarifier and it doesn't help that it only has a 5 digit counter on the front, which leaves lots of room for error. Top all that off with the technical support, which refers you to a site called "cbtricks" for schematics and other technical information, and you are pretty much on your own.

 If you are serious about wanting a decent 10M radio I would not go with another Galaxy radio no matter the cost.