Old tube radio gear un use

Stumbled across Burt K1OIK on YouTube and some of his videos on Ham radio and tube gear that I found rather interesting to say the least. Just keep in mind that he has a very dry coarse sense of humor that  a LOT of people take the wrong way and attack him for it. Nonetheless he is an internet sensation for Ham radio.

 The Video here is on using an old Hallicrafters SX-76 receiver with a heath-kit DX-40 transmitter. One thing to note is that he is not quite using the receiver properly. He has the RF gain up a little high which gives the received signal that watery sound. Usually on these older radios you would bring the RF-gain down while bringing the AF-gain up since these older radios didn't have AVC.

 Other than that he is a great source of videos on older radio gear. A lot of his videos are demonstrating gear he has for sale.