Using the Antron-99

 now that i have the awesome Hygain TH3jr beam antenna up and working properly, it is time to find another use for the Antron-99 vertical base antenna. It has been a great antenna for me over the years and at one time was the single antenna that i used for 10M, 11M and 12M work. With an antenna tuner it worked quite well for me.
 I stumbled across this article here where the user describes using the Antron-99 as a police scanner antenna, thinking that a BAD outdoor antenna still beats a good indoor antenna. And the Antron-99 vertical base antenna fits that bill quite nicely with a 3:1 mismatch of less it is still quite usable for that purpose. The only thing he did was remove the top section of the antenna which made it work nicely.
 You can read more about how he did this HERE.