Cobra 2000GTL base station

 Been thinking about setting up a decent CB here in the shack, to converse with the truck drivers that work there way up and down this hwy when i stumbled across the old Cobra 2000GTL base station that i ha stashed away in the storage room.

 The Cobra 2000 was a base station used by a local CB'er back in the days when CB was still popular in this area. He was a good friend of my, even if he could be a crotchety old fart at times. He ran this radio for years, and it had all the usual CB modifications that operators like to do. He became a silent key (SK) a few years ago, and the radio was passed on to me. It included the Freeband channels and a D-104 lollipop microphone. One nice thing about the Cobra 2000GTL is it included a frequency counter.

 I am still up in the air as to what i want to do with this radio though, as i had originally wanted to put it on the 10M ham band up in the voice portion, but from what i had read the PLL chip is not capable of going up that far without being changed out to a different one. I would need to change the range from 26.965-27.405 MHZ to 28.00-28.500MHZ or thereabouts.

 One of the mods that had been done to it is a selector switch in place of the ANL that allowed him to switch between crystals giving him the Free-band frequencies between 27.405 and 28.000MHZ, so i would have to clean all that up as well as undo the mods to put it back to original specifications. That would include turning the power output back down to 5 watts and undoing any modifications to the audio circuits as well.

 Now that i think a bit more about it, I may end up just switching it to 10M as that would probably be easier to do. Even if i found all the mods done to this radio, i would probably never be able to get it back to the F.C.C specs, without some major work to it.

 One other consideration is what antenna to use. I still have several 10/11M antenna's out in the pile somewhere, but am out of mast's to use for them, so I would have to figure out how i would get the antenna up in the air. I suppose i could make a 10/11M half square out of wire and string that up in the tree. Wouldn't that be great for SSB operation and working DX.