Hygain TH3JR beam antenna

 Well, it has been awhile now since i put up the Hygain TH3-JR beam antenna, and i have to say that, even though i got the hygain antenna second hand, in parts, it has still been one of the best antenna's i have here. Sure, i need to replace the traps, as the little gaskets have dried out and almost completly worn off on some of them.
 When it rains, the SWR on 20-15-10M goes a bit wonky. I assume it is because the traps are filling up with water, and not draining as quickly as they would like. Gotta make sure the drain holes are facing down.
 This Hygain TH3-JR beam antenna still outperforms my vertical, a Cushcraft R5 up at 25ft. I use an antenna switch, and can hear a great difference between the two, if the beam is pointed in the right direction.
 Another issue is the rf-balun, that i homebrewed using some spare COAX and a reel, that hangs from the base of the beam. it is starting to unravel, so i need to bring the antenna down, and rebuild that and give it some maintenance as well.
 Overall, for the work and maintenance that is required to use a beam, it has been a worthwhile investment, spending only 50 bucks to purchase it from a friend.