Kenwood TS-830

 Did some more trading, with a local ham radio operator, and picked up a kenwood TS-830 HF transceiver. This radio was one of the last radio made in that era, to have tube finals. The rest of the radio is all transistorized. They are commonly refered to as "hybrid" radio's. The Kenwood TS-830 is in great shape, but was in bad need of an alignment. I have gone through the steps in the service manual, and almost have it in top shape now. I ran into one little problem, when I tuned one of the little slugs bringing up the receive, and inadvertently screwed it all the way down to the bottom. Apparently, it can be screwed down past the inner threads, and now will not come back up, which can be a problem. I have tried a few methods to bring the slug back out, but none have worked. The radio now receives great on all of the amateur radio bands, except for 17M (18MHZ), being comparable to my more modern Kenwood TS-850. Overall I am very pleased with this radio, and hope to work a lot of DX (distant) stations.