Kenwood TS-830

 Good afternoon, i know its been awhile since i posted anything on here, so i thought i would catch you up on what has been happening around here.
 Been doing a lot of trading lately, and revamping the station, here at W7DTG. I now have a Kenwood TS-830 radio, that I absolutely love. It is one of the last of the Kenwood Hybrid radios, before they went to transistors for the power output. It is a neat relic of days gone by. It was a little weak on the receive when i first got it, but i have been going over the radio, cleaning a lot of the contacts in the band switch and the RF attenuator, which seems to have helped some. It receives okay now, especially on the lower bands (30M 40M 80M 160M) but on the higher bands, it is still a bit weak. I have a feeling that it has something to do with the on-board filters, that are stock with this radio. I can receive DX (Foreign) stations OK, enough to make contacts, but not as good as it could be. I use headphones which helps. Next step is to undo some of the modifications to this radio, and see if that helps.
 The other pet peeve I have about the TS-830, is that this one displays the wrong frequency on the digital readout. If i am listening at 14.050, the digital readout displays 14.049.2, 8hz off. When i start sending Morse code, it will display the proper frequency. Really strange.
 If nothing else, this radio peaks my interest, and keeps me out of trouble. I really enjoy working on these types of radios, and I learn something new each time. One of the many benefits of having a ham radio license. Thanks