Morse code contest

40M CW contest weekend
Looks like a lot of activity happening on the ham bands (Amateur radio) this weekend. Just turned the HF radio on, to the 40 meter band morse code, and hearing all sorts of activity now. Everyone is calling CQ Contest, from one end to the other. Nice to hear all that morse code happening on the band for a change. Uually their are one or two stations, and the rest is either digital modes (PSK31/RTTY) or SSB. I am hearing some really good DX (Distant stations) as well, so it must be a DX contest. May have to fire up the browser and take a look to see what contest this is.
I have to give Teri a lot of attention this weekend though, so probably wont do a serious effort, since she left work early to save me, when i broke down today in the van. She could have made me wait till she got off work, but came home just to pick me and kayla up. What a sweetheart, especially since I know that wasnt easy for her. Love ya sweety.