Finally Friday

Well, as I posted in my other Blogs, it is FINALLY Friday, which is playtime for me. I am going to spend the whole weekend doping CW, and hopefully nothing else. I am a member of the SKCC (Straight Key Century Club) which is a very active group, also the ten-ten CW group is having a Morse code contest this weekend, on 10M, so I hope to participate in that as much as possible as well. I am going to be firing up the old Boat-anchor gear, from the 50's and pounding away on the brass, and try not to zap myself in the process also. One thing I have to do is swap out the Heathkit Mohawk receiver for the Hammarlund HQ-150 receiver, and get it hooked up properly. The Heathkit is a fine radio, but it loses some of it's sensitivity (The ability to hear signals) on the higher frequencies. The Hammarlund HQ-150 doesn't seem to have that problem. Well, wish me luck. i will be posting here as the weekend progresses, so chat at ya later.