fair weather friend

Good morning, been awhile since i posted anything, so i thought i would just catch you up on this weeks frivolities.

Been working on a new batch of oatmeal stout home-brew beer this weekend. Got it cooked and kegged on Sunday. This time, we are going to be placing it under the sink in the main bathroom, since that room seems to stay consistently warm, day or night. I think that the last batch we made in December went bad when we had that cold spell, and the fermentation process wasn't able to complete. The first bottle we opened was absolutely the best so far, having a dark color, and a coffee/ latte taste that was creamy. It was the best. The next weekend when we opened another bottle, it had that weird fruity taste again, although it did have a bit of a bite to it as well. It was drinkable, but wasn't like the first bottle at all. Have yet to understand how one bottle can be so good, and the rest not so good. At least, not like they were supposed to be.

Had the landlord out last week, taking pictures for an appraisal, to see what the property is worth, which scares the hell out of us, since we only rent this place. We are a bit worried that the landlord is going to be selling the property, leaving us homeless. So far they say they are not sure what they want to do just yet.

Been feeling sick the last few days, almost like a flu but without the high temperature, and other nasties. Also been getting headaches as well. Not sure if it is because of the cleaners that i use, or the mold problem or what. Yesterday was the worse, which had me in tears, it hurt so bad.

Also been slacking on the online business, over at "in the office", Just havent felt good the last few days, and last week I was tied up with the landlord.

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