Ham radio, and chores

Good afternoon, just wanted to blog to this site real quick, and wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and hope that your holiday season is full of love and blessings.

I haven't been real active lately on the radio, pursuing other ventures, and trying to build up my readers of the different Blog's that I maintain. My latest is theroniii over on blog-spot. I also have theronatwork on blog spot as well. The theroniii is the one that seems to be producing the most revenue for me so far.

Another money making venture has been on E-bay. I have been able to generate a part time income using that site, and selling off a lot of my old junk that i have filling up the living room, which makes me, as well as Teri, very happy. I was able to buy Christmas presents for everyone with the money i made using that method, so it has been productive.

The other method i have been using, is to do surveys over at in-box dollars, and generate some traffic. I also have links for people to sign up, and make a few extra bucks as well. It is nice to spend just 20-30 minutes a day, doing a few surveys, for an extra 100-200 dollars a month. I also get a percentage for every person that signs up on that site, so be sure to check it out.

Well, that is about all i have for now, been extremely busy, and unable to spend as much time on the ham radio as I would like. Once i get these Blog's going, I should be able to look into other ways of making money from home as well.