Yaseu FT990 a bust

Well, that was truly a disappointment today. i finally got the radio that was shipped from Georgia today, hooked it all up, and discovered that the "shift" adjustment is broken, so I cant use all the filtering when I'm doing Morse code. I have to say that it is really disappointing to me, as I had high hopes for this radio. i have several friends that are contesters, and they highly recommended this radio, so I went for it. Now I have to ship it back, and that is going to cost me money, an I am still stuck with the broken Icom radio. On top of everything else, i had to tell the guy that sent it to me, that I cant use it because of the broken knob, and that he isn't going to be getting the icom Pro III radio. I hope that we can still be friends, as he was a really good guy to know. i guess if he really is a great guy, he will understand.

On that note, goodnight, and thanks for reading my BloG. Theron

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