work work work

 Haven't posted on this Blog in a few day (Ok weeks), so I thought I would fill you in on recent activities on the W7DTG homestead.
 Played in the WA state Salmon run last weekend, doing strictly Morse code. Had a blast in the contest, making a lot of contacts along the way. My best run, happened on 10M, of all things, with all the current solar activity, that band came alive. Had my best rates on 10m, doing 3 contacts a minute, which is amazing for my small station. It was surprising for that high in frequency, to get that kind of contact rate. 40M was almost a total bust, saturday afternoon, and finally gave up around 6PM, and found other things to occupy my time.
 Been playing with the Yeasu FT-990 a bit, and found that i can get around the shift problem, by setting the RIT up 1.4hz, and then filtering it down to 250hz.
 Also got the vertical wire back up in the tree and working. It receives very nicely for an untuned, wire antenna with no radials and only a ground rod in the ground. It is about 86 ft long, at n angle from the tree and tied off to a ground rod in the dirt. Seems to tune up nicely as well with the automatic antenna tuner also.
 Been extremely busy promoting my online marketing adventure, and writing a lot over at theronatwork.blogspot, as well as the website. Hoping that over time, i can start producing some sort of income using some methods i stumbled across over at They seem to be a grat group, and only ask that if the methods that they show you work, to sign up for their site and become a member. It is a paid subscription, so if their methods work then I will consider it.
 Our homebrew beer is ready to be bottled up this weekend, with hydrometer readings down where they should be. We are hoping for 3.5 to 4% ABV on this batch. We also hope to have it ready by October 1st, right at the end of Oktoberfest. Since it is a vienna ale, it should be perfect for that. I experimented around with the recipe a bit on this one, using methods I found in some Beer recipe books. So it should be some great stuff. A nice mellow beer to sip on while watching tv and relaxing for the day.
 Well, thats about it really. A few other things happened, but werent really as exciting as what I have already put in here.
 Hope you all have a grat weekend, and look for me in the RTTY contest this weekend. I may hook up and make a few DX contacts. 73, Theron