Online pursuit of happiness

 Ok, I get it guys... I know that their is no such thing as making money for free, and their are not any offers online that are going to make you rich, but there just has to be some offers that are legitimate, right ?
 Knowing this, and understanding that there is no such think as free money, and nothing online is going to make me an instant millionaire, I have started pursuin all the offers that are out there, going thru and showing what happens as I plough through them, one at a time, and hopefully making a little bit of money to pay some bills.
I like to think that this is a reasonable request, right ? Not ALL of he offers could possibly be scam's, out of the millions that are out their. I hope to weed thru them, and make a decent list of which ones are legit, and which are just after your hard earned money.
 I will keep you posted, and if you are interested in doing the same, take a look at my other sight theronatwork, where i will be posting my results.
Thanks for reading this, Theron