Nice day

Wow, what a grat day it has been today. Got to go into town with my sweety, and hang out, pay some bills and go grocery shopping. We got a lot accomplished today, and in such a short time. And the weather out here today, was spectacular as well. Some spots in town were reporting 80d. Nothing but sunshine everywhere you look.

On top of that, i used some of the money I made doing online surveys, to buy myself some accesories for my homebrewing beer. Got a 5 Gal glass jar, so we can see if that helps improve the flavor of our homebrew beer or not. We had been using plastic, but it has a weird taste too it, even after letting it brew for over a month. We have tried all sorts of differnt times, trying to find perfection, but so far nothing that has tasted decent. I am hoping that if we boil the water first, then mix it all together, that we will have better results. The stuff we have made in the past, has a strange aftertaste, that can only be described as a sort of grapefruit flavor. Not sure what is causing that.

Wanted to say a special thanks to Teri also, for being an absolute joy to hang out with all day. We got a lot accomplished, and had a blast during the process. What a fun person she is. She says that she is lucky, but i feel like in all honesty, i am the lucky one to be with her. She is a real fun person, with a great personality, atrractive and funny. what more could a guy want in a woman ? So, thank you teri, for making it a great day.

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