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 good afternoon, i hope that all of you had a grat weekend on the bands. We had a lot of activity going on this weekend. Several state QSO partied, as well as an RTTY (RadioTeleTYpe) contest, that was open worldwide. Also had a great opening on 10M (28MHZ), that opened things up worldwide. Since here in the Pacific NorthWest, we dont usually get these sort of opening on 10M to Europe over the polar cap, so it was a pretty exciting event, with constant openings to France, Germany, finland, netherlands ireland etc etc. All on CW (Morse Code) as well, so it was a lot of fun.
 On another note, been working on internet marketing over at theronatwork , so if you get a few minutes, be sure to check it out. Only been at it a few days, but already have things starting to happen for me, so i hope it is a succesful venture for me. if i can generate enough income for part time work, I will be happy.
 Also been writing a lot of articles over at StreetArticles dot com, and finding my creative proccess' flowing for me real nicely. I have been surprising myself at how naturally writing (Typing) comes to me. I have been enjoying it, and find it a nice outlet for when im feeling crazy (ADHD)
 Winding things down for the day here, and spending time with my daughter while everyone is gone. Nice and quiet here now ,and the soft hiss of the radio can be very soothjing after a productive day of DX'ing.
 Thanks for reading, and 73, Theron

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