Icom ProIII

Well, after trying to trade off the icom ProIII on qth.com, I was dissapointed that the raido I had tried to trade, was not working to fit my needs. i am going to have to senf the radio back now, which is going to cost me money that I really dont have. On top of that, i dug into the proIII yesterday, and noticed that there are burn spot on the inside of one of the covers, near some coils. I dont see any burn moarks on the boards inside, but the black mark son the inside cover are not a good sign at all. i am wondering if the icom has deeper problems than what I was led to beleive when i originally made the trade. Kind of an odd thing to find those sort of marks on the inside of the radio. I guess it is a good thing that i didnt trade it off, since it is probably going to be more of a repair than I was told to begin with. Very frustrating to find this sort of thing out, from someone that i thought I could trust.

I will be sending the Yeasu FT990 back to the owner on tuesday, and hopefully it wont cost too much to do. And I still ahve to find a suitable trade, or pay to get the icom fixed so that it is usable for me.

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