Shortwave radio

Wow, been listening to the shortwave bands a LOT lately, and picking up all sorts of interesting stuff. I still find it amazing after all these years of listening to radio, that you can pick up stations from all over the world on a simple receiver. the most fun is using an old tube receiver, and listening. The audio quality is amazing, and the nostalgia of using a radio thta is 50 years old, from the heyday of radio, provides hours of entertainment for me. i was listening to radio australia, and getting a really good signal usig the 40M EDZ. i am seriously thinking of setting up a shortwave receive only antenna, to use with one of the boatanchor radios that I have here. I have a pile of radio's to choose from, so listening will not be a problem. I think my favorite is still the old hammarlund HQ-150, although the Drake 2B receiver is growing on me. the only problem with the Drake is that it is a Ham-band only receiver. the hammarlund is a general coverage receiver, but it drifts until it is fully warm. i also have a Realistic-DX160 here that i can use. It used to belong to an old friend of mine that passed away a few years ago. I used to drive taxi for th Sun taxi, based in Sequim WA, and when i wasnt driving, i would tune around the shortwave bands using the Realistic radio. Lots of good memories with that radio.

On another note, finally received a reply to my ad for the Icom PROIII, after a week or two. I will be trading it for a mint yeasu FT990. It is on its way as we speak, so should arrive by next week. i am excited to finally be getting a fully working radio. The Icom is ok, but it has a few problems that i cant fix, nor afford to get fixed, so it is just sitting their staring at me.

Ok, thats it for now, thanks for reading this, Theron

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