recent update

Been really busy out here on the ranch this last week, and also suffering from some sort of stomach flu, that has my belly swollen and tender feeling for some reason. Not sure what it is, but I wont go into detail either, as i am sure you dont want to hear much more. Lets just say that it is not very comfortable, and has caused a dull ache in my head, and fatigue. it seems that I am on nearing the end of it now though, and feeling better than i have. I have been also pushing lots of water, to keep myself hydrated.

On other fronts, been playing around with the Boat anchor radios a bit more. Just picked a Drake 2B from a friend, that works like a champ. it receives very well, and have heard stations from all over the world with it. Now I can finally put that darn hammarlund on the bench and get it fixed up. I also picked up the Kenwood TS-850 over the weekend, and now have a kick ass contest rig to use, just in time for the NAQP coming up this weekend. I am stoked, although I really should be getting the software setup and ready to go, rather than wait till the last minute. I use A contest logger called "TLF", which works at a command line, so no heavy overhead in the program, no pretty graphics or eye candy, just a straightforward logging/ contest program. Even have the automatic keyer working with it. To send the different exchanges during the contest.

Ok, that is about all I have for today, thanks for reading this and 73 to you, Theron