POST #90

Was just looking at my Blog, and wondered just how many post's I actually had done over the last year or so. I was truly amazed to find that i had 89 of them. I guess that means that this post will be number 90. I am that much closer to 100 posts on here, and then I win a free cookie.

My teri is now home, and she is sitting in front of her computer, with a big smile on here face, knowing that she has the next four days off from work. So she will be home with me, doing all the stuff the we do when she is home, and hopefully not just the stuff she does when she is at work. I am excited to have her all to myself the next 4 days. She is always so much fun when she is home. I am sure she is fun when she is not home too, but I always enjoy her company more when she is here, as to when she is not here. Whatever the case, she is here now, and she is all mine for the next four days (did I say that already ?). Must be getting old.....

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