Just when you thought it was safe

Well hell. now what the heck is going on withthis stupid program. I really am starting to hate it more and more as time passes. i am currently using software called "Blogilo", which is included with KDE. At first I thought it was great, but as i use it more and more, and run into one problem after another, i find myself looking for another offline editor i can use, that s Slackware compatible, and will work with BlogSpot. As if the compatibility with BlogSpot wasnt enough, the software keeps crashing on me, and i cant upload images when using this software. May have to wander over to SBo later and take a look at what is available their. I can alway build something from source, as long as it works better than what i am currently using. This is very frustrating, as well as time consuming to keep having to configure dumb stuff, that should just work out of the box. When I have to go 5 menus deep just to get to the settings, change something 10 times, and then have the software crash and remove all my changes, that pisses me off. maybe I am wrong in feeling that way, maybe I should just have more patience, but damn it all to hell if that doesnt get to me.

Ok, enough whining for the day, take care, and thanks for reading this. Theron

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