HyGain TH3jr beam antenna

Finally got the Hygain TH3jr tri band beam up in the aire where it belongs yesterday. Had to remove the antenna completly from the mast, and then lower it to get the final sections apart. After that, i was able to stand it back up, put a ladder on the roof and attach the beam, then pull the lower sections up to give it the height. The hardest part was holding the antenna up to the mast, while trying to tighten the U-bolt to the mast, while balancing on a ladder. Got a bit spooky their a few times, but I was able to do it.
Also wanted to say a special thank you to Teri, for all her help on the ground, throwing tools at me, and being a BIG help during the whole operation. Could not have done it without her.
The mast at total height is about 36 ft, and I left abt 5 ft from the top for a truss system for the boom, so i am actually at 30ft or so, right about where it belongs now.
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