BLOG editor

Well, after spending the day working on Internet marketing, and trying to get this software to work, I have finally accomplished something, and am now able to post to my BLOG using BlogiLO, which means that I dont hav to bring up the whole blogspot web page to post to my log. Which means I will be able to post more currently, when im working on anything beside online marketing. How cool is that ? Next step is to find an editor I can use to update my FaceBook, without bringing up the whole page. I can already do that from a command line terminal, but it isnt always the easiest method to use, especially if i am in a desktop environment like KDE or XFCE4. Slowly plugging away at all the stupid little problems of the day, and finally making some headway. Hopefully i can start writing more, and finding ways to expres my thoughts using this method.