40M band

                                                                40M CW band

Being a general class license, the digital operations have pretty much taken over where I can operate on the 40M amateur radio band. Sure, I could upgrade, but how long before it spread to those frequencies as well. When is it going to be enough ? When they take over YOUR favorite mode of operating ? 
 Their was a time, 10-20 years ago, when their was a band plan in place, and everyone agreed where each mode would operate. Apparently that doesnt seem to apply anymore, since you hear RTTY from 7.030 clear up to 7.130, give or take a few khz. I cant wait until they start spreading into the SSB portions of the band, so I can laugh when the op's start whining, and trying to do something about it, Since SSB is a lot more popular than morse code. I already have to deal with PSK31 being all over the band, and the canadians who can do voice in the lower portions of 40M, so i guess it is only natural that RTTY and PSK31 take over. I currently have allocations from 7.025 to 7.125, and from 7.200 to 7.300. That may not seem like a lot, but it actually is, so why cant the digital op's (RTTY & PSK31) stay in the 7.070 to 7.100 segment, like the original agreement ?  It is very frustrating, since most of the digital operators wont even check to see if a frequency is in use before they start sending CQ. I have to say, that I am really starting to hate the 40M amateur radio band more and more, especially when trying to use my tube gear.